Full day Vinicunca Peru Tour - Cusco Peru Rainbow Mountain Tours

Full day Vinicunca Peru tour - Cusco Peru Rainbow Mountain Tour

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The full day Vinicunca Peru Tour to the iconic Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain is one of the popular full day tours in Cusco. In Fact the seven colored mountains are the second most visited attraction in Peru after Machu Picchu. 

Cusco is home to two Rainbow Mountains, Vinicunca and Palccoyo. Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains are the most preferred one as it offers amazing views of the Peruvian highland at every turn. 

Palccoyo however is popular among travellers who are looking for a relatively easier option and are not keen on hiking. 

The colours of Vinicunca Rainbow Mountains are the result of the mineral deposits. These were covered under a blanket of snow until early 2016. 

When the snow started melting the colours appeared. It soon got all the deserving attention. It became a popular attraction in South America. 

On this full day trip to Rainbow Mountain you will be rewarded with sights of beautiful landscapes right from the moment you start hiking. 

Highest point of the Full Day Vinicunca Peru Tour is at 5100 metres above sea level. It is imperative that you spend at least 2 days in Cusco before the trek to avoid altitude sickness. 

Why SAMEX Peru Tours?

SAMEX Tours Peru is a fully locally owned licensed tour operator based in Cusco. We have an excellent team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. They have an excellent knowledge about the routes, history and culture.  

Cusco Peru Rainbow Mountain Tour is one of our signature treks. We maintain high safety standards. Our main aim is to offer you a pleasant and a safe experience on any of our tours. 

Although our tour guides are trained on first aid and on using oxygen tanks, we highly recommend you to acclimate before the trek. 

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