Qeswachaka Inca Bridge Tour (Full Day)

Qeswachaka Inca Bridge Tour

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Qeswachaka Inca Bridge Tour is an unmissable full day tour in Cusco. It takes you to the only surviving rope bridge built during the Inca empire. Qeswachaka bridge is 33 meters long and is suspended 15 metres above the Apurimac river in the province of Canas in Quehue district. 

To facilitate commutation within the massive Inca Empire, the Incas built the great Inca Road or Qhapaq Nan. The road links provinces in 25000 miles. In places where they faced geographic challenges, they built suspension bridges. 

Although there is a modern bridge now right next to this rope bridge, locals here maintain the tradition of preserving the bridge. Every year the quechua communities from the nearby villages – Huinchiri Chaupibanda, Collana Quehue and Choccayhua gather to dismantle the bridge and braid and swing the new bridge. 

The name Qeswachaka is a combination of two Quechua words – Qeswa means bridge and Chaka means braid. 

In 2009, the government of Peru recognised the bridge as a cultural heritage site. 

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