Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day with SAMEX

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Experience the Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day with us. Whether you are a fan of high altitude hikes, a nature lover or just someone who feels sufficiently strong and prepared to face the challenge.

SAMEX welcomes and invites you to live that unique adventure. With all the commodity and security our agency guarantees to each and every one of its prized guests.

Now, if you´re not accustomed to altitude hikes, we strongly recommend you to get proper training, before going on this particular activity. Furthermore, if you come from a place at, or close to sea level. 

We urge you to first get acclimatized to altitude, for minimum three days, around Cusco (3,350 meters – 10,990 feet). SAMEX offers you a range of short programs designed for this purpose.

That way, you will be more resistant to higher altitudes, and will allow you to fully enjoy this wonderful trek.

Without a doubt, this 3-hour hike is a one-of-a-kind experience, in the Cusco Region. There only are three such colorful mountainous formations in the world. So, take advantage of your trip to Peru, and stay, in the Cusco area, to enjoy that intense, but so rewarding activity.

It starts off before dawn, on a one-day trip, aboard a comfy private vehicle, from your hotel, in Cusco, along 130 kilometers (80 miles) of great natural and mountainous landscapes. We will be riding by typical Andean villages, and delighting over wonderful sceneries, every step of the way.

Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day

After breakfast, on the way, and once at the hike´s starting point, at 4,326 meters (14,189 feet) in altitude, our guide will brief you on this highly demanded hike´s rules to follow.

To make it a pleasant experience, throughout. Then, the first stretch will take you on a rather steep uphill track, to reach your goal, at 5,100 meters (16,732 feet) above sea level.

There, a panoramic vantage point will allow you a full view of the Rainbow Mountain´s amazing colors, backed-up by the snowcapped summits of the spectacular Ausangate Mountain Range and, of course, of Mount Ausangate (6,384 meters – 20,945 feet) that imposingly towers on the horizon.

Then, after between half an hour and an hour spent admiring the landscape, while taking a whole load of fantastic pictures and video footage, depending on weather conditions and your resistance to altitude cold, you´ll head back down to the hike´s starting point, where our vehicle will be waiting, to take you to the locality of Cusipata, where a well-deserved nutritious lunch will be served, before you relax on your way back to your hotel, in Cusco.

Rainbow Mountain Trek Full Day

Now, according to our own experience of this trek, you must be well-equipped for altitude hiking, in intense morning cold, with occasional snowfalls and ice on the ground.

In addition, we recommend you to book your trip to Peru, for dates from mid-April to November 2021, to avoid getting caught by snow storms or freezing rains, between December and March, which would make it impossible to fully enjoy the Rainbow Mountain´s beauty.

So, with these basic data in mind, make sure you book your hike to the Rainbow Mountain, a.s.a.p., through SAMEX, for the 2021 season, to secure the dates that best suit you and your traveling party, for this unforgettable trip to our so beautiful and mega-diverse country.

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