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Mateo Lovon Pumasupa


I was born nearby the town of Anta Cusco – Perú, in a small comunity of CHACAN  situated above 12.000 ft. – 3,600 m.a.s.l.

Being a professional degree in Tourism I was working as Tour Guide more than 18 years providing first class services to international visitors from the entire world, traveling and leading groups around the Peruvian Andes.

It’s a challenge for me working with most known and respected travel companies where I provide all my knowledge with efficiency, patience, understanding and sensitivity for every subject.

As an Andean man, I enjoy sharing with the rest of the world the spiritual and cultural history of my civilization and modern-day customs from native people. 

I founded SOUTH AMERICAN EXCLUSIVE TOURS PERU SAC in 2011 with the idea to provide the best service possible for those clients who couldn’t find a company to satisfy all their travelling needs.

Nowadays I consider myself a travel specialist with expertise in the designing and operating of the best itineraries in Perú,  Bolivia and the Galapagos.

In the last few years South American Exclusive Tours Perú has grown unpredictably, becoming the Top Luxury Trek operator in the Inca Trail Industry making all our team and myself proud of our achievements.

I am behind every detail of all our client’s trip and I thoroughly enjoy every day teaching to my team the philosophy and base of South American Exclusive Tours  Perú, which is: “The Client is first”.

Nowadays at South American Exclusive Tours Perú, I am head Director.

You can reach me at info@samextoursperu.com or mlovonpumasupa@gmail.com

Samex Tours Peru Family

Norma Dueñas

Senior Travel Specialist

Hello everyone, my name is Norma Dueñas. I am from Cusco – Perú. I enjoy living in places that have a strong cultural vibe, this passion to experience all that is out there has helped me to grow as an individual.

I enjoy sharing my own experiences about my beautiful country with anyone lucky enough to be visiting. I studied Tourism and I was graduating in 2014, since then I’ve been acquiring the necessary experience to design nothing but the bets itineraries for my clients.

When I create an experience for my clients, I enjoy each moment, as the excitement levels are high when you are booking a trip to some of the most culturally rich locations in the world.

My goal is to offer my clients the best experience possible so that they can form their own memories to take home and share with their loved ones.

Peru has a lot to offer to travelers who are looking to discover the secrets of the Andes, whether they are hiking the famous Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, navigating on the Titikaka Lake Hydra зеркало, visiting picturesque villages or walking among the vegetation in the Amazon Rain-forest.

If you want to know more about my country please do not hesitate in contacting me, I would be honored to assist you in your travels. The magic and charm of the Andes await you!

If You want to contact me please email me at reservas@samextoursperu.com

Samex Tours Peru Family

Edwin Lovon

Travel Specialist

My name is Edwin and I studied Tourism and I was graduating in 2012, since then I’ve been acquiring the necessary experience to design nothing but the bets itineraries for my clients.

Throughout this time, I realized that working on this industry is a fascinating job since it is always in constant change, there are always new activities and attractive waiting to be discovered and of course, Peru is definitely a high-end destination with a lot of potential.

Being myself a very curious person I love being in constant learning and research about the new interesting products, I also feel lucky for being in such a great team that was the pioneer in luxury campsites along the Inca Trail and alternate routes, always innovating, putting especial attention and dedication to every detail which had been reflected in our excellent reviews.

South American Exclusive Tours Peru gives me the opportunity to offer you the best destinations for any occasion, whether you want to hike through almost surreal landscapes in the Andes or toast with a glass of champagne in a luxurious beach resort at dusk.

There will always be opportunity to bring a treasured memory of our beloved country with you. Please I am here to assist you at: operaciones@samextoursperu.com

Samex Tours Peru Family

Melanie Lovon

Travel Specialist

Melanie was born and raised as purebred Cusqueñan. While focusing and studying tourism, she also started to apply herself within the tourism field.

The idea for her was to provide herself the opportunity to travel “without thinking twice”, as she improved her language speaking skills and ultimately to attain her college degree in tourism.

She considers that after having lived, shared, and learned what she did during that specific time of her life, she earned the experience to allow her to be flexible and adaptable with each South American Exclusive Tours Peru guest.

With the goals of always putting first the expectations, requirements, and best customer service possible for each South American Exclusive Tours Peru traveler.

Melanie during her free time is usually spending time with books about the inca history or taking in new photography classes specifically of Peru’s stunning landscapes!

Samex Tours Peru Family

Jose Carlos Lovon

Accountant Junior

Hello! My name is Jose Carlos; I work in the accounting department here at South American Exclusive Tours Peru.

I enjoy connecting with people and relating to them on a personal level, as well as listening to my favorite music. Keeping up to date with technology is also a passion of mine, as I also help with the maintenance of our online presence.

I enjoying being a part of a good team and helping in any way I can, such as organizing difference projects between our different departments. I enjoy being presented with challenges, believe that through hard work and dedication I can overcome anything I might face each day.

Of course I am also a lover of the outdoors, and enjoy exploring new destinations or even just the local countryside.

I am someone you can count on, in general and professionally, and if there is anything I can help you with regarding your upcoming trip, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Sreeram (Ram) is a career online marketer who has been in the Digital Marketing industry for over a decade, and has scoped out, analyzed and built custom strategic plans for hundreds of clients.

At SAMEX Tours Peru, he excels at identifying opportunities for new and existing clients in gaining a targeted audience on organic, social and paid platforms while also attaining their ROI goals.

Ram is certified in SEMrush and Google certified  in International Marketing. He is also multilingual and speaks  English, Hindi, Spanish, Marathi, Tamil and Bahasa fluently. He is also a aviation enthusiast and has flown for some of the reputed airlines in the world.

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