What is the best time of year, to travel to Peru?

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In fact, it isn´t that easy to answer that question, when it comes to choosing the best month, to travel to Peru, given that, in our country, there are three completely different regions, when we´re dealing with climate and climate; that is, the coast, cordillera and jungle.

Thus, each one of those regions is characterized by a completely different climate and, furthermore, there are different micro-climates, in each one of them. Therefore, there is no particular month that could be considered as the best of the year, to travel to Peru.

So, to solve that problem, you should ask yourself a simple question: “What do I want to do in Peru?” Once you have been able to answer that question, you´ll be sure and ready to choose the best time of year, in which to visit Peru.

If you have still have doubts, and you´re seeking to find the detailed answer to that question, read our article: “What are the best months to visit Peru?”, and remember that there is nothing worse than spending your ideal holydays, at the time of year in which it is impossible to perform your favorite activities.

What´s the best time to travel to the coast of Peru?

Huacachina Lagoon in Ica

If you plan on visiting Peru´s beaches, many of them close to valleys and desert areas, in general, the weather, throughout the whole year, is quite good, without being very extreme, with due regard to heat and cold.

However, if you don´t want the rebel fog to ruin your day, the ideal months, to get to know that destination, are December, January, February and March.

In addition, you´ll coincide with the months during which the airlines and major tour operators do more promotions and interesting offers, to travel to Peru. Our recommendation for beaches to visit is: Huanchaco Beach, Punta Sal, Pimentel Beach, Máncora and Zorritos which have activities for all tastes.

On the coast, rains mainly fall in the northern area, in the summer months that run from December to March, with temperatures between 27 and 37°C (80.6 and 98.6°F), during the day, and between 20 and 24°C (68 and 75.2°F), at night.

During the winter months, between June and September, you´ll find temperatures between 22 and 28°C (71.6 and 82.4°F), during the day, and from 14 to 19°C (57.2 to 66.2°F), at night.

What´s the best time to travel to Peru´s sierra (mountainous region)?

Rainbow Mountains in Cusco

In the famous Andean Cordillera, and the rest of Peru´s mountainous area, the weather varies quite a lot, and is regulated by its different altitudes.

For example, in the months of June, July, August and September, you can enjoy more days of sun, in that Andean area, but with greater temperature contrasts, between daytime and nighttime hours, in comparison with the rest of the year, with maximum temperatures, during the day, of 20°C (68°F), and minimum ones of 1°C (33.8°F), at night. The presence of snow is common, as well, from 4,000 meters (13,123 ft.) in altitude.

When is it best to go to Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu citadel

First, we recommend you to travel in low season, during which, although it is the rainy season, you´ll take advantage of more economical rates and, above all, the fact that there is much less people.

Indeed, this is what our travelers appreciate most, as they are able to better enjoy the Incan City of Machu Picchu´s majesty, and its spectacular natural surroundings,

without them being full of tourists in their pictures, or having to struggle for the best place, to capture the essential instantaneous shot or, also, be close to other groups and guides who perturb their guide´s commentary.

Thus, the low season encompasses the months of October to March meanwhile that, in Machu Picchu, high season is between June and August, and coincides with summer holydays, as much in the United States, as in Europe, which turns Peru into a quite visited country, during that time of year. Likewise, in those months, it is the dry season, in Machu Picchu and Cusco, and the probability of rains is much lesser.

What is the best time, to travel to Peru´s jungle?

Peruvian rainforests

In Peru´s Amazon region, there are two outstanding seasons, with heavily rainy months, between November and March, and then, with the low rain season, from April to October, without discarding the high moisture level, always present in that area, throughout the whole year.

There, temperatures oscillate between 30 and 37°C (86 and 98.6°F), during the low rain season, and between 28 and 33°C (82.4 and 91.4°F), during the heavily rainy season. For example, this past year (2019), there were heat peaks of up to 43°C (109.4°F) which are presumed to be due to global weather changes.

Finally, the best time of year, to travel to Peru, depends on what you want to do in our mega-diverse country. So, check the current forecasts, and make sure they are following the usual patterns.

That way, you´ll be able to analyze whether, by the time you want to go on your trip, these follow the corresponding temperature and rain pattern, to avoid bad surprises and upsetting experiences.

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