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Terms And Conditions

Dear Tourist.

About the costs: Our costs are expressed in American dollars (US$) and before you make any reservation, we ask that you be voluntarily in accordance with the price you are going to pay for the tour you’ll be taking.

This is to avoid any inconveniences or any dilemmas regarding any prior claims. Our prices are subject to change without any previous announcement, however, if you have already confirmed your reservation, there will not be any variation regarding the amount of money you have had to pay for your tour.

Dear customer, Before confirming your Machu Picchu / Machu Picchu Huayna Picchu / Machu Picchu Montaña entrance tickets buying.


  1. All prices are expressed in US Dollars.
  2. Each ticket has already included our agency fee and taxes.
  3. If you are an Student with ISIC card you must send us a copy of it. If you are a under age (-17) you must send us the passport copy as well.
  4. Paypal payments has plus payment fee of 7% and visa payment plus 5%. The customer must asume it.
  5. Once the ticket is bought there is NO way to get any refund.
  6. In case we couldn’t buy your ticket, we are going to give you fully refund.
  7. Once the ticket is bought there is NO way to make any changes.
  8. SAMEXTOURSPERU is going to send you your an invoice and your ticket in PDF format also the reservation code to print it out throught the gobervement site.
  9. All buying will be made between 24hs unless there is holidays or Sundays. If so It could take 48hs
  10. SAMEX TOURS PERU doesn’t assume any liability if you lost, forgot your ticket. Wrong data, strike, any situation that could prevent you to enter to Machu Picchu citadel.

This terms and conditions are subject to changes without any notice.

About the type of trips we offer: SAMEX TOURS PERU offers the following types of tours:

  • Restriction y/o Condition In some tours we´ll need a minimum of people to confirm the departure. If we don´t get the minimum people, the departure is going to be cancelled automatically.
  • Before to make the reservation you must agree with this condition. Anyways we´ll let you know if the tour has any restriction or condition. Or you can see it in the itinerary.

Exclusive Service

While travelling with SAMEX TOURS PERU, we guarantee that all aspects of your tour will be carried out by us. With the Exclusive Service, we will only operate with tourists that use our company, SAMEX TOURS PERU. We will not share any services with any other travel agency.

We will assign an exclusive travel guide that will always be with you. Along this tour, the minimum amount of people permitted in the group is between 2 and 4 people and the maximum amount is about 16 people, which are for adventure tours and 15 people for traditional tours. The average amount of people within our groups is between 6 and 12 people per group.

While travelling on the Private Service, SAMEXTOURSPERU guarantees that we will fully carry out our trips in their entirety. We will provide a private guide just for you.

Luxury Service

SAMEXTOURSPERU offers considerable trips: exclusive, private and luxury, some of which might not necessarily be normally what you are looking for. However, we guarantee that we will put all of our effort and diligence into your tour so that your experience is unforgettable.

Travelling through Peru requires flexibility, patience, being in a good mood, and being understanding about any changes that we might have to make, according to circumstances that are not under our control (like a force majeur – see below), By reserving any of the trips we offer, you need to be in accordance with any of the changes that SAMEXTOURSPERU will need to make, without us having any responsibility for the following occurrences:

Force Majeur

This includes any incident SAMEXTOURSPERU cannot avoid. Trying to find any way to solve the problems at hand, these occurrences do consist of wars or threats to oneself, protests, revolts, illnesses, natural disasters, adverse meteorological conditions, fires, or any similar occurrences that are out of our control.

In this case, SAMEXTOURSPERU will not be responsible for any of the mentioned occurrences and reserves the right to modify, postpone, or cancel the trip (which would be the last resort for us).

In the case of strikes, protests, standstills, etc., it’s possible that we would need to leave a day early or do the trip in a few days less, by modifying the itinerary (normally 3 days).

Without any additional cost and/or disbursement from our part, you accept the fact that you agree with any inconveniences that might occur.

Inca Trail Reservation Policy:

Upon reserving the 4-day or 2-day Inca Trail with us, please be aware that we are unable to accommodate any changes to your booking. This is due to strict regulations set by the Decentralized Management of Cusco Culture (DRC). As such, all reservations are final, and we cannot process modifications, cancellations, or add individuals to a waiting list post-reservation. This policy ensures compliance with laws governing the Inca Trail tours.

Travel Insurance Recommendation:

We strongly advise all our travelers to secure travel insurance before embarking on their journey. Your insurance should cover potential accidents, medical expenses, and emergency repatriation, including services like aerial rescue or ambulance. Additionally, ensuring your policy includes coverage for trip cancellations and lost luggage can provide extra peace of mind. For our records, you may forward a scanned copy of your insurance policy to our email or have a trusted individual send it on your behalf.

Understanding Risks:

By booking a trip with SAMEXTOURSPERU, you acknowledge and accept the inherent risks associated with travel. SAMEXTOURSPERU will not be held liable for incidents that occur due to traveler negligence or external factors beyond our control.

Our Liability:

SAMEXTOURSPERU disclaims any liability for accidents, injuries, illnesses, deaths, delays, or damage to personal items. Furthermore, we are not responsible for issues arising from force majeure events (strikes, severe weather, earthquakes, political unrest, etc.) that may lead to cancellations, changes, or delays. Any additional costs incurred under such circumstances will be the traveler’s responsibility. Loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings are also under the traveler’s responsibility, highlighting the importance of travel under personal accountability.

Cancellation and Itinerary Changes:

SAMEXTOURSPERU reserves the right to cancel or alter itineraries as deemed necessary for the optimal delivery of our services.

Travel Documentation:

It is the traveler’s responsibility to possess all required documentation (passports, visas, insurance, vaccination certificates, vouchers, etc.) for entry into Peru and participation in our tours. SAMEXTOURSPERU is not liable for delays or additional costs due to improper or incomplete documentation.

Risk and Responsibility Agreement:

Travelers are required to sign a digital risk and responsibility form, acknowledging the acceptance of risks associated with their journey. This formality is to be completed during a pre-trip meeting in our office, ensuring all travelers meet our requirements before purchasing any tours.

Reservation Requirements: Essential Personal Information

To secure your reservation with us, it’s crucial that we receive accurate and complete personal information for each traveler in your group. Please provide the following details for all members:

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Valid Passport Number or National Identity Document (DNI)

Accuracy in the information provided is paramount, especially for entry into archaeological sites like the Inca Trail, where authorities strictly scrutinize documentation. Ensure all data, including your ISIC card details (if applicable), are correct. This card, alongside the document used for your reservation, must be presented upon entry.

Discount Eligibility:

Discounts are available for students with a valid ISIC card and for individuals under a certain age. To qualify, a clear scanned copy or image of the relevant document must be submitted. Please ensure the document is legible to avoid any issues with discount application.

Payment Information:

Confirming your reservation requires a confirmation of payment. Depending on the tour, you may be required to pay the full amount upfront or just a portion, with the remainder due upon arrival in Cusco.

Reservation Confirmation Process:

Your reservation is confirmed once we receive all necessary information, including:

  • The start date of your tour and any alternate dates
  • Passport expiry date
  • Payment confirmation

Reservation confirmations can take from 2 to 48 hours on business days. Without complete information, we cannot confirm your reservation.

Ticket Purchases:

Please note that payments for tickets (train, bus, plane) and entry fees to archaeological sites, whether part of a package or purchased separately, are non-refundable. By confirming your purchase, you agree to these terms.

Methods of payment:

  • VISA: Compared to other types of payments that we have, paying with a VISA card is 6% of commission charges. However, in the case of us having to reimburse you in any way, there will be a 6% fee charged to your card. Within the total amount of your purchase, we will have to calculate the reimbursement in its entirety. We will have to subtract all purchases made such as the purchase of entry tickets, the payment of hotels, providers, taxes and any administrative fees.
  • PAYPAL: For payments made by PayPal, the client will need to add on a percentage of the commission, in which you will be informed of before the confirmation of your reservation.
  • Bank Transfer: For payments made abroad to our checking account, the client will need to add on an additional amount, which you will be informed of before your reservation is made. Upon receiving the money from outside Peru via bank transfer, sometimes the amount received can vary and it can result in being less than expected. Once transferred, we will let you know about the exact amount of payment that we have received.

Pre-Tour Meetings:

Before your adventure begins, we schedule a briefing one or two nights prior to your tour’s departure. This meeting, held either at our offices, your hotel, or via telephone, is set to take place between 6 PM and 7 PM, though we’ll confirm the exact time and location closer to the date. The purpose is to finalize trip details, answer any questions, and address concerns.

Final Payment:

Your remaining balance is due during our pre-tour meeting, payable in American dollars or soles, at either our office or your hotel. Please note, failure to complete this payment before the tour starts may result in cancellation of your trip.

Train Tickets Included:

Our Machu Picchu tours include round-trip train tickets, departing from either Poroy or Ollantaytambo stations on the Expedition train. Options to upgrade to Vistadome or Hiram Bingham classes are available, subject to additional costs.

Expedition Train for Return:

For those hiking the Inca Trail or similar routes, your return will be aboard the Expedition train, with departures typically between 6:20 PM and 6:45 PM, and occasionally at 9:30 PM. Exact details will be confirmed during our meeting.

Modifying Train Tickets:

Should you wish to extend your stay in Aguas Calientes, we can assist in rescheduling your train ticket for a later date, availability permitting. Please be aware that any associated costs, including additional entry tickets, transportation, and accommodations, will be at your expense.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Partial Payments: Non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Full Payments: Cancellations made 4 days or more before the tour start date may be partially refunded, minus any non-recoverable expenses (tickets, taxes, fees, etc.). Cancellations within 3 days of departure are considered no-shows and are non-refundable.

Notification of Changes or Cancellations:

Immediate communication via email is required for any changes or cancellations. Once a trip is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Final payments are non-refundable upon cancellation.

Acclimatization Advice:

To minimize altitude sickness, we recommend spending 3-4 days at high altitude (above 3000 meters) prior to your tour. Stay hydrated, consume carbohydrates, avoid alcohol and tobacco, and consider drinking coca tea. Consult your physician about using Diamox for acclimatization.

Acceptance of Terms:

By confirming your reservation, you agree to our terms and conditions, which are subject to change without notice.

Thank You for Choosing SAMEXTOURSPERU SAC:

We’re excited to be part of your journey and wish you an unforgettable experience.